Come check out our Boutique Edmonton Gym. It’s been one year since opening our doors and we’d like you to come and celebrate with us.  Its crazy how time flies! Imagine just over a year ago, I was in my 20′ x 22′ gym that totalled 460 square feet. Despite it being rather small, compared to this new space (2218 sq ft with 22 feet ceiling), I was able to maximize the space and fit 4 people in there at a time.

Now that the gym is officially a commercial space and fit for +20 people, we would love for you to come join us in our Anniversary Celebration. Our Personal Training Studio is private, and unique to any other. If you’ve never been here, feel free to get a tour, try some delicious food, win some great door prizes, and, if you like; try out a FREE sweat session. We’ll have our large bay door open and most of the workout outside, now that Spring is finally here. Come see how fun fitness can be when you’re in the right environment.


For our wonderful clients who have been with us since the beginning (or later), please stop by and enjoy great food,  Freebies you can win, Special Promotions for Training and Nutrition Plans, and a FREE bootcamp class.

We like to think of Body in Fushion as a second home, where Good Times & Sweat Happen.

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