With the popularity of our 10 Week Body Transformation Challenge, we’re getting requests to run a Spring into Summer Meltdown Challenge. Normally we have these contests in January and September, but with the amazing transformations people are creating, the word is out and we’re listening to the demand.

What does it entail?
A commitment of 10 weeks to make some incredible changes to your health and body. Personal Training is done at our gym a minimum of 3x/week. A food plan and cardio program is included. With that, comes weekly checkins via email to report your weight, measurements, and progress. Food changes are made if weight and/or inches aren’t moving at a steady pace. What does this mean? NO plateaus 🙂

The person with the biggest transformation wins either a $400 shopping spree at Kingsway Garden Mall OR credit towards more Personal Training.
Before and After pictures are taken, measurements (at the start and end of the challenge), and weekly weigh-ins are done to keep people accountable and pushing hard to the end. This way you know exactly how your competition is doing, to keep you going hard!
This is great for anyone who is sick of struggling and not seeing the results they deserve, likes to have a deadline, and is in it to win it!
Please email us at:  bodyinfushion@gmail.com for more information.

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