Do you typically train 3 or 4 sets of 10 or 12 repetitions, day in day out? Or do you vary what you do in the gym to shock your muscles into growth? Im going to explain a bit about different types of training pricinciples you can incorporate into your workouts to make it more fun, yet still really challenging.

Theres many ways to use Rest-Pause sets but I’ll just give a couple of examples, and you can go from there. You can’t really screw it up once you know the basic principles. Lets go with shoulders and the Seated Military Press as the main exercise.

After getting your warm-up set(s) in, shoot for a weight that you struggle to get your last 2 reps in; total reps: 12.


Then rest for 10 seconds or 2 deep breaths (thats how I like to do it, easy to measure and you don’t need a timer), and do another set to total failure; usually 5-8 reps. Take another rest and repeat. Do a total of 4 rounds. You take 3 rest-pause sets but perform the exercise 4 times in a very short period. Those delts will burn! Hope you can try this out and feel free to comment on my facebook (Body in fushion) page with feedback!

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