Getting started on a fitness regime doesn’t have to be a feared thing. Often I’ll meet people who want to get healthy and fit, but they first want to lose some weight first before starting a program with me. Or they won’t commit to anything until they’ve gone to the gym for a few weeks.  I don’t know if its the fear or embarrassment of being out of shape or worry that they lack commitment to follow through.  As a fitness coach, I don’t judge what a person’s fitness level is at; I’m here to help anyone succeed no matter their start point.

The reason I do what I do is to help people reach their fitness goals at a quicker and safer pace than if they did it on their own.  At first I thought, is it the commitment they’re worried about and that’s why they want that head start going solo. Okay, that can be a plausible reason but the power of accountability is far stronger than self commitment. You can always tell yourself you’ll go to the gym 3, 4, or 7 days a week. But there’s always going to be those days where work stresses you out and the last thing you want to do is go work out afterwards. Or you may be so eager to lose weight that you end up either doing too much, or exercising for too long, or overloading your muscles too quickly. Then before you know it, you get an injury and have to take a few steps back.

At least when you’re accountable to someone (and paying for it) the chance of not showing up is minimal if at all, and there’s no stress. You just have to show up and do the exercises we demonstrate.

I wanted to touch on this topic of ‘waiting for that perfect moment’ because there is no perfect time. The longer you wait, the more frustrating it can be when you lose more of your fitness and health.

In a day and age of immediate satisfaction and quick results, seeing a professional coach will speed up your fitness journey at least 60% faster. I like to use the analogy of taking your car on a road trip (going on your own to lose the weight) versus flying from Point A to Point B (hire a professional personal trainer). The time it takes to get somewhere in a car will take much longer than flying; you end up stopping at least a few times to fill up on gas (the times you lose focus or get demotivated when things aren’t dropping as fast as you’d like), you may get lost  (time to find out what works and what doesn’t), and overall the stress of not making it to your destination on time or rushing to get there (not reaching your goal or doing a crash or fad diet just for the sake of seeing that magic number on the scale).

With flying, you literally pick your destination (tell us what your goals are), and sit back and let the pilot do all the work (trust the trainer in regards to exercise selection and the food plan we put you on).

What I love about my job is recreating the shape and symmetry you want.  If say, a woman has narrow shoulders with a forward slouch and large hips, I will train the hell out of her shoulders especially the posterior delts, and upper back and provide high intensity lower body work to balance out the upper and lower body.  I don’t follow a set program for anyone, it’s custom tailored to that individual.

Who wouldn’t want the knowledge of seeing the results they never dreamed of having after just a few months of hard work and the right program?  I often tell my clients how jealous I am of how things are today (and in the last 10 years)  in terms of availability and access to fitness trainers. When I first started working out, I trained and trained for many years (9 to be exact) before I even heard about personal trainers.  I jumped on it and within 10 months I gained 12 lbs of muscle and dropped down to single digit body fat and even stepped on stage to compete in a bodybuilding contest, placing 2nd at my first show.

I never thought I would get rid of my pear shaped hips, but it happened and I’ve never seen them since! You don’t know how good  something like that feels like until you achieve it. I only wish that reading this turns a lightbulb on and gets those few people realizing what they’re missing.

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