Simple Recipes & Tips To Get & Stay Lean!

  • 60 recipes to maximize fat loss!
  • High protein with low carb & low fat ingredients
  • Training tips to speed up results!


 The Lean Eater`s E-Cookbook

This book is a Long-Time Vision that Took Years to Create. For More than 23 years, I’ve been Dedicated to Leading a Healthy Lifestyle. From that Dedication, I’ve Grown a Foundation of Simple Recipes that Help Strip Body Fat yet Let you Enjoy Food.

During my Years of Weight Training and Competing in Bodybuilding & Figure Shows, I found Ways to be More Efficient in the Kitchen, Pick Healthy Fast Foods While on the Go, and use Simple Tricks to Quicken Fat Loss. There Was Also a Demand from my Clients Who, at Times, Found it Difficult to Always Eat Healthy and Were Often Bored of the Typical ‘Diet’ Foods.

What Makes this Book Unique are the Tidbits of Information Most People Don’t Know or are Unsure About. You’ll Find DID YOU KNOW? Facts Along with a Mini Quiz to Test your Knowledge of Nutrition. I’ve also included Motivational Quotes and Pictures to Keep you Focused When Times are Tough. Like When you Can’t Stop Thinking about Those Doughnuts your Co-Worker Brought in on a Dreary Monday Morning.

Success is Attainable. It’s Just a Matter of Wanting it Bad Enough and Putting in the Work. When you do, you’ll Find that Living the ‘Fit Life’ is Much Easier Than You Think.


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