Take a look at the quiz and note down your answers. If you’re on track with things and answer correctly then kudos to you! You probably don’t need any tweaks to your nutrition plan. On the other hand, if you get more than a couple questions wrong you may consider getting help with the nutrition component of your fitness regime. I know it took me years to finally figure out that I needed to hire someone to help me reach my goals. In high school I thought having a croissant and chocolate milk was better than what my friends were eating, chicken fingers and fries. If I knew back then what I know now I would have just ordered the chicken fingers! At least I would be getting essential protein in my diet versus just fat and sugar lol.


Are you ready to test your nutrition IQ? I’ll post the answers at the bottom of the page. And for fun please feel free to comment on facebook about any of these questions or if you want an explanation to any of the answers below.


1.) I don’t need to worry about getting protein in my diet unless I work out.  True or False

2.) Peanut butter is a great protein source. True or False

3.) Fruit juice is generally not good for you, but orange juice with the pulp is a great choice for getting fruit in.  True or False

4.) Having fruits as a snack is a great way to lose body fat and control blood sugar. True or False

5.) Almonds are a great high protein snack to have in-between meals. True or False

6.) You should never eat after 6 pm, or better yet 5 pm.  True or False

7.) If I work hard in the gym I can get away with eating junk food.   True or False

8.) When eating out at a restaurant, ordering a salad with grilled chicken is always the best and healthiest choice.   True or False

9.) If I’m not steadily dropping weight then Im doing something wrong with my fat loss routine/plan.   True or False

10.) The number on the scale isn’t important, its the inches that are more important.  True or False




1.) F  2.)  F  3.)  F  4.) F  5.) F  6.) F 7.) F  8.)  F  9.) F  10.) F

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