Strong is the New Sexy

Are you ready to look and feel your sexiest?

Have you been working out on your own, but aren’t seeing the results you want?

If so, then this is a program You Want to Be a Part Of.


Get Strong N Sexy in 6 – An Online Program for the Dedicated Gym Gal

Date the Challenge Starts: At anytime

This is an online program targeted for women who already workout and are self-motivated, but not seeing the results they deserve. Its quite intense and requires commitment in both the kitchen and on the gym floor. But, you will see big changes in your body in just 6 short weeks.

When you’re ready to accelerate your training and results, Join me for My Next Strong N Sexy in 6 Challenge that have you looking and feeling your sexiest. You can sign up at anytime.

What does it include?

  • A 2 Phase Training Program (Weeks 1-3, and Weeks 4-6) that includes Demonstration Videos attached to all Exercises.
  • A Food plan with Variety to keep you motivated
  • Changes in the Diet to ensure there are NO plateaus
  • A Pre-Set Cardio Program to follow throughout the 6 weeks (intensity, duration, intervals will change so you’re not doing the same cardio workouts day in / day out)
  • Weekly Cardio Challenges to keep the Program exciting and Challenging (emailed every Friday)
  • Bi-weekly Check ins via Email (Every Two Weeks, you send me your Measurements, Weight, Pictures)

You Can Guarantee at least 1-2 Dress Sizes Down. The More Closely you Follow the Diet, Workout & Cardio Programs, the Better your Results.

Its just $289 and you Get all the Resources You Need, Based on My +23 Years of Experience.

If you bring a friend who signs up,  pay just $199 for the Program. Better yet, bring two friends and get 50% OFF.

Contact Sanja to register or find out more –