We all try to be productive and adhere to our daily routines of work, gym, family but sometimes it can be overwhelming. With the constant ‘go go go’ from one thing to the next, that can wreak havoc on our bodies, especially raising cortisol levels through the roof. With heightened cortisol levels comes halted fat loss, difficulty concentrating, forgetting things, poor sleep, and especially increased risk for diseases such as cancer, etc.

That’s why its so important to find those moments to shut the brain off and meditate or what I like to call, ‘de-compress’. It’s great to be busy, productive, and have purpose in your life, but if you don’t give yourself the time to be mindful and in a state of quiet, your health will be at risk. Furthermore, If you already lead a healthy lifestyle by exercising and eating well, then meditation is that final piece to achieving overall wellness.

By starting your day with just a few minutes of sitting quietly and steering away from any distractions you may have, you’ll find its paramount to reducing stress and anxiety. There are many ways to meditate, whether you just sit quietly and try to clear your mind; or listen to a guided session on Youtube or through an app, they all do the same thing. It depends on what works best for you.

I personally like guided meditation so I know if I’m in the right brain wave state (alpha wave activity is when the mind is relaxed and your thoughts are clear and quiet). I use an app called Muse which comes with a headset that reads your brain wave activity and tells you if you’re being distracted or not by the sounds of the nature scape you use. I love using the ocean nature scape, in which you hear the calm waves of the ocean and birds chirping when you’re in the right zone.  As your mind starts to wander you will notice howling winds and crashing waves. That’s your cue to refocus and try to get back to the alpha state. Its a bit costly, but I know its something that I’ll use for a long time. But there’s many other apps out there that you can get for free or just by going on youtube, you can listen to someone guiding you through it.

Once you start meditating, you’ll notice after a couple of weeks your anxiety and stress levels will significantly decrease, your coping mechanisms improve, you become even more productive, have better sleeps, and when those crazy drivers try to cut you off, you won’t get so angry at them.

Furthermore, being mindful has been shown to prolong cell health and cell aging. Basically if your chronological age is say, 45, and you incorporate meditation techniques it will reduce your cellular age (the rate at which your body is aging versus actual biological age) by years! When I got my test done through a DNA blood sample, my results showed my cellular age to be 8 years younger than my actual age. Something to be excited about, considering there’s cancer and disease all around us.

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