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Our personal training gym is targeted towards men and women (in their 20s -60s) who are serious about their health and fitness. We are not a public gym. We are a boutique style gym with just two trainers working in the space. Clients have access to all equipment and have full privacy. In the warmer months we have the bay door open and implement some outdoor training.

Our primary objective is to get people stronger as they reach their fitness goals. Most people work in a group setting (2-4 people), but the option of one-on-one training is always available. The workouts are always planned and not the same; variety is key and exercise selection varies based on the client’s needs and goals.

The group component is highly liked because of the motivational component it brings (and cost saving), but still individualized attention based on his or her needs.

We also deal with people with pre-existing injuries or pains. Corrective exercises and stretches are incorporated into the workouts, if required. Though we primarily work with your average person looking to lose weight and feel better, we train everyone to function like an athlete. Strength, power, agility, speed, and conditioning aspects are all touched on to reach your goals and function at your best.

Body Transformation Challenges

Three times per year (January, in the Fall & Winter), we run a 8 Week Body Transformation Challenge that is a competition of who can transform their body the most, whether gaining muscle or losing the most inches and weight in the 2  months. The person with the biggest transformation wins either a $400 shopping spree at a shopping centre OR credit towards more personal training. 

  • Before and After pictures are taken, measurements (at the start and end of the challenge), and weekly weigh-ins are done to keep people accountable and pushing hard to the end.

This is great for anyone who is competitive and likes a timeline and challenge to follow.

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