If you’re local in Edmonton & area:

Our personal training gym is targeted towards men and women (in their 20s -60s) who are serious about their health and fitness. We are not a public gym. Though, on Saturday mornings we do offer a bootcamp class which is open to the public (first class is FREE).

Our primary objective is to get people stronger as they reach their fat loss goals. Most people work in a group setting (2-4 people), but the option of one-on-one training is always available. The workouts are always planned and not the same; variety is key and exercise selection varies based on the client’s needs and goals.

The group component is highly liked because of the motivational component it brings (and cost saving), but still individualized attention based on his or her needs.

We also deal with people with pre-existing injuries or pains. Corrective exercises and stretches are incorporated into the workouts, if required. Though we primarily work with your average person looking to lose weight and feel better, we train everyone to function like an athlete. Strength, power, agility, speed, and conditioning aspects are all touched on to reach your goals and function at your best.

1)    Body Transformation Challenges:

Also, every few months (based on demand) usually in January, early Spring, and the Fall (Sept-Oct), we run a 10 Week Body Transformation Challenge (can join anytime of year) that is a competition of who can lose the most inches and weight (or gain muscle if that is your goal) in the 2 1/2 months. The person with the biggest transformation wins either a $400 shopping spree with me at Kingsway Garden Mall OR credit towards more personal training. 

  • Before and After pictures are taken, measurements (at the start and end of the challenge), and weekly weigh-ins are done to keep people accountable and pushing hard to the end.

This is great for anyone who is competitive and likes a timeline and challenge to follow.

To find out more information, please send us an email at: bodyinfushion@gmail.com

If you’re looking for Online support:

1)    Online Hybridized Program

We offer an online hybridized program; an all-inclusive training and nutrition program that provides you with everything you need to succeed. Think of having a ‘virtual’ personal trainer at your disposal.

Not everyone can afford a personal trainer nor is local to physically come to this gym. So I’ve created an online version of personal training, where you can walk into a gym comfortably and know exactly what to do and how to do the exercises.

Videos are attached to every exercise (and they’re all under 15 seconds; easy to watch and replay if needed). A flexible eating plan is provided that gives you plenty of variety,  along with a weekly cheat meal, and supplements/vitamins I recommend to further aid your transformation.

This online program is a must if you want the results a personal trainer can provide, but save the cost and time commitment. This program gives you all the resources you need to transform your body.

A guarantee from me, “You can lose at least 10 inches & 10 pounds by following this program”. With a full commitment of 12-16 weeks, and you can get there. After that, we can transition to the maintenance phase and keep you strong & sexy for life! (no more Yo-Yo dieting)

How does the Online Hybridized Program work?

1.  After purchasing the program, we contact you via email to discuss your health history, short & long term goals, etc. You can either use PayPal or send an e-transfer to: bodyinfushion@gmail.com Please be sure to add GST.

2. Your customized fat loss program will be emailed which includes: your training program, eating plan, supplement protocol, along with other resources you need to succeed. Every 4 weeks, you get a new workout program. Changes to your food plan are made; when you hit a plateau.

3. Support/feedback from me as we go along. Any questions you have throughout your journey, you’re more than welcome to email me. Weekly check ins via email (every Friday) to track your progress, make changes to your plan, or give the support you need if you’re lacking motivation, or need a pep talk.

The process:

1.Purchase the online program

2.Wait for my email to get you started

A monthly charge of $197 will be taken out every month (minimum 3 months commitment) via PayPal or you can send an e-transfer to: bodyinfushion@gmail.com (please add GST). You can cancel anytime after the 3 months, or continue and keep getting awesome programs and content. No refunds are issued.

2)  Strong N Sexy in 6 Online Program for the Ladies Who Love to Work out

This is an intense 6 week program that gives you everything you need to dramatically change your body. This is for the gals who love to lift weights, but are not seeing the results they deserve. You will look and feel your sexiest.

Click here to get all of the details.

3)  Nutrition Plans (Essential to Success)

Your workout program is good, but you’re still not seeing your abs or the results you want. If this is you, then you need to modify your nutrition. What you eat is at least 70% of how you’ll look. Whether you want to be a size 4 again, or have defined arms and flat abs, we have the right plan for you.

If You “Sort of,  kind of eat good, then expect to sort of,  kind of look good” (meaning not fully reaching your goals).

Extreme Fat Blast Plan or the Lean Mass Building Plan

Plans are based on your goals. Depending on how much you want to lose (or gain) will dictate the duration of the program. There is plenty of variety in the diet, you get to have a weekly cheat meal/drink/and dessert, and there will be steady progress each week. But, like anything worth having you will need to plan your meals and be consistent.

What does it entail?

After you purchase the eating plan (12 week program with weekly email check-ins), we send you a nutritional questionnaire to see what your food likes and preferences are, any allergies you may have, and if you have a timeline when to reach your goal weight/size.

How long until I get my eating plan?

Once the questionnaire is completed, your plan will be sent within 3 business days.

Do you make any changes to the food plan?

Yes,  because this is an accelerated fat loss plan, there will be changes to the original plan you get. Every Friday you will send me your weekly update (weight, measurements, and pictures), and if you’re not losing pounds and/or inches, then I revise the calories or cardio recommendations.

This way you’re steadily moving towards your goals with minimal, if any plateaus (time-wasting). If you’re looking to gain muscle with minimal fat gain then the Lean Mass Building plan will be the right diet. With this plan, there too will be adjustments to the calories. As you build muscle, calorie requirements will go up.

Can I stay on this plan permanently?

Yes, but we will make minor revisions once you reach your goal to ensure you maintain the new weight. If you don’t reach your goal within the 12 weeks, we can renew for another set duration.

To find out more information, please send us an email at: bodyinfushion@gmail.com