Ready To Compete

This is a fun, yet challenging endeavour and with the right support and resources  makes all of the difference. With the fitness competition industry being so competitive, you need to be ready to commit a lot of time & effort if you want to compete in a bikini, fitness, or figure competition.

I recommend this to women who have already been lifting weights for at least a year or more and want more from their training and diet efforts.  I’ve competed since 2003 and have the knowledge to direct the proper training to build lagging muscle groups so you step on stage looking your best (training programs or in house personal training is a separate fee).

The contest diet plan is flexible and you won’t see too many contest preps that include a weekly cheat meal. That will stay in for the majority of the diet, as long as you get the workouts in and follow the cardio protocol and diet. Please note, this type of diet can also be tailored for anyone looking to get very lean for a major event, vacation, or photo shoot.

What does it entail?

After you purchase the contest diet (includes 3 posing sessions, help with make-up selection/hair and suit selection, food/water manipulation until the day of the event), we send you a nutritional questionnaire to see what your food likes and preferences are, any allergies you may have, and what your timeline is.

How long until I get my eating plan?

Once the questionnaire is completed,  your plan will be sent within 3 business days.

Do you make any changes to the food plan?

Yes, because this is a plan with a definite time frame there will be frequent changes.

Can I stay on this plan permanently?

Not recommended. The calorie restriction does get quite low towards the end of the diet phase and is not maintainable. Though, we can work on slowly increasing calories so you can still look awesome without the calorie depletion. We can offer you with a Reverse Diet that spans 4 weeks. Here we gradually increase your calories so you slowly go up to a manageable weight you can maintain; without affecting your metabolism.

Contest prep ranges from $900-$1500 depending on duration of diet and other factors.

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