I had one of the best leg workouts yesterday and wanted to share it with you. I trained hard with my new training partner and we just kept pushing each other until we literally had nothing left in the tank.
I actually started feeling my legs get sore and tired just a couple of hours after we finished, which is always a good sign. And the EPOC (or after-burn you get post-workout), was intense. Shortly after eating my post workout meal, I was still famished and stayed that way the rest of the night. I even woke up in the middle of the night to a rumbling stomach:(, but I stayed strong and ignored it. And today is definitely going to be an active rest day. Light cardio to flush out the toxins and tomorrow I’ll get back at it.

Here’s the workout –

One Legged Hip Thrust (head and shoulders on bench, foot on floor) & Standing Lateral Leg Lifts (hold a 25 lb plate so it rests against the moving leg). Complete both exercises for one leg, then switch. 12 reps of each/leg. 3 sets.

The image below is demonstrating the Standing Lateral Leg Lifts:

Super Lunge on the Smith Machine. Front foot is on a riser (10-12” height), and back knee stays as close to the riser as you lunge down. Goal is to just use the front leg to lunge up. Do a high knee with the back leg as you step up on the riser. 10 reps/leg. 3 sets.

Kneeling Quadruped Donkey Glute Lifts on Smith & one legged stiff-legged partial deadlifts (bottom 1/2 ROM (range of motion). Complete the first exercise for both legs, then do the deadlifts. 10 reps/leg. 3 sets

Heavy Lunges on Smith Machine & Jumping Curtsy Lunges. For the first 2 sets do 10 reps/leg for the lunge and 15 reps for the jumping lunges. The third set is just the lunges and add weight to do drop sets, until you complete 30 reps.

Standing unilateral Leg Extensions. A great finisher to burn out the quads – using the ankle strap, set the cable to the bottom setting and do one legged standing extensions. 1 drop set until you hit total failure.

Hope you try it and share with your friends who can use some new exercise ideas.

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