Your Training Program is Good, but You’re Still Not Seeing the Results…


Nutrition is 70%

Nutrition is the most important factor when it comes to not only transforming your body, but looking and feeling your best. It’s true when they say you are what you eat, and with the right food plan you can get the results you’ve always wanted.

Below are the two main food plans we offer:

Extreme Fat Blast Plan or Lean Mass Building Plan

Both food plans call for variety (you pick the food choices you’ll be eating), but require structure and adherence. Each week you get to enjoy a cheat meal, drink, and dessert to keep your metabolism up and hormones level; and sanity!

How does it work?

Email us your interest at regarding what your goals are and the timeline (if there is one).

Once payment is received (ranges from $350-$500) we send you a questionnaire regarding your nutrition health & history, along with what foods you want in the program. After we receive your questionnaire response, please allow us 3-4 business days to get the plan ready.

Once you start the plan, you would submit your weight, measurements, and photos (front, side, and back in shorts and sports bra for women, just shorts for men) on DAY 1. Then after, every Friday morning. If weight or inches don’t drop (or go up if you’re looking to gain size), then we modify the food plan, accordingly. You can expect to see big changes in 12 weeks if you commit to the program. Take a look at some of the amazing results.

You’re self motivated to work out, but need a change in the gym too.

We offer two training programs that include both a three day workout routine along with a nutrition program. Please see below for more details.

Fat Loss Program
Online Hybridized Program

How does it work?

  1. After contacting us regarding your interest in the program, we contact you via email to discuss your health history, short & long term goals, etc.
  2. Your customized fat loss program will be emailed which includes: your training program, eating plan, supplement protocol, along with other resources you need to succeed. Every 4 weeks, you get a new workout program. Changes to your food plan are made; when you hit a plateau.
  3. Support/feedback from me as we go along. Any questions you have throughout your journey, you’re more than welcome to email me. Included are weekly check-ins to track your progress, make changes to your plan, or give you the support you need if you’re lacking motivation/need a pep talk.

I work with people to transform their bodies to be in the best shape they can be in. With my extensive experience working with hundreds of clients, I’ve created an online version of personal training, where you can walk into a gym comfortably and know exactly what to do and how to do the exercises.

Videos are attached to every exercise (and they’re all under 15 seconds; easy to watch and replay if needed). A flexible eating plan is provided that gives you plenty of variety, along with a weekly cheat meal, and supplements/vitamins I recommend to further aid your transformation.

Live one-on-one calls with me when you need some motivation, tips on anything, or if you’re at a plateau and ready to take it up a notch.

This online program is a must if you want the results a personal trainer can provide, but save the cost and time commitment. This program gives you all the resources you need to transform your body.

A guarantee from me, ‘You can lose at least a few inches and pounds by following this program’. With a full commitment of 14-20 weeks, and you can get there. After that, we can transition to the maintenance phase and keep you strong & sexy for life! (no more Yo-Yo dieting)

The process:

  1. Contact me with your interest in the program
  2. Purchase the online program for $197
  3. Wait for my email to get you started

You can cancel anytime after the 3 months, or continue and keep getting awesome programs and content. No refunds are issued.

Online Programs