For the last few days, I’ve had a nasty cold and despite sleeping lots, and taking my vitamins, getting a good sweat helps get the toxins and infection out quicker; especially when there’s a deep nasty cough involved :(. This is what I do to speed up recovery from a cold, and even follow as part of my 3x/week routine. I use a dry sauna, but if you have access to an infrared sauna; even better.

Ideally go in a fasted state; ie. first thing in the morning after you’ve had something to drink (green tea, coffee, or just water).

Take 200-500 mg niacin right before going into the sauna. Note, you’ll want to start with 100 mg and go from there. You’ll get the niacin flush which isn’t very comfortable so stay with the same dose, until the symptoms go away.

Bring ice cold water with you to sip on (I try to stay in there until my bottle is empty; which I aim  to be between 30-40 minutes)

Check your watch; aim to do a cold shower every 8-10 minutes to cool off and activate your CSPs (Cold Shock Proteins) that help with inflammation, immune-system benefits, and recovery; just like the HSPs (Heat Shock Proteins) from being in the sauna.

Once you’ve finished the sauna, end with the cold shower. 

Take 600-1000 mg activated charcoal afterwards and try not to eat anything for another 1-2 hours. The charcoal will help bind any toxins and aid with elimination. Plus your EPOC (Excss Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption) will be heightened from your elevated heart rate/blood pressure/ and body temperature.

When I do finally eat, I like to up my vitamin C to +5000 mg to boost recovery and enhance my immune system. You know you’ve taken too much if you get G.I disturbances (gassy, diarrhea, loose B/M). 

Not only will you feel better afterwards, but you may notice a more relaxed mental state and clearer mind. I consider my sauna therapy one of my forms of meditation.


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