Like with most diets, trends, fads, whatever you want to call them, there always seems to be some people who like to take it to the extreme. If someone tells you that deadlifting is great for you then you might find more than a few people doing them daily; thinking more is better.

I’ve noticed a lot of my clients asking about this new way of dieting, the ‘IIFYM’ way. Now, of course everyone has their own opinion on it and if they find that it’s working then great. But, the original intent of it (from my readings and research I’ve heard and read) is that you would adjust your calories in a day based on a few variables. LIke,

1.) did you have a better workout than usual where you burned a lot more calories, or

2.) skipped a meal due to a meeting gone long, or

3.) just notice the after-burn effect from yesterdays plyometrics workout has you ravenous?

Those are just a few things that may affect the difference in your caloric needs from day to day. So, if you’re in a caloric deficit, then you would add some more calories based on what you feel (or calculate if you measure and record your meals and calories) you’re lacking. It’s not meant to be a daily thing where you would have some greasy bacon and eggs because you missed breakfast and didn’t want to be low on your ‘calories’. It should still be relatively clean choices that make up for the higher caloric needs. Of course, once in while it’s not a big deal to throw in a few strips of bacon in your egg white veggie omelette. The whole idea of IIFYM is becoming more of a ‘daily cheat ritual’ where the purpose of living a fit and healthy lifestyle is totally gone askew.


Here’s an example of using IIFYM at work, in the sense that I see it’s supposed to be used in. The other morning I did a hot yoga class and just had some bcaas, glutamine, glycine, and MCT oil. In other words, a very light caloric intra-yoga drink. I noticed after I had my first meal (cabbage veggie soup with some basa fish), I was starving an hour later. Note to self, metabolism is revved up; makes me a happy gal! But, I knew I had to eat again soon because my energy was starting to dip and I could tell I needed more food.

Normally I space my meals out every 2-3 hours but with my hunger up and knowing I burned a lot of extra calories than the norm (and this early in the day), I had my second meal (a couple of Quest bars). The rest of my day pretty much went the same where my meals were spaced out a bit closer. By meal 4 though, I was still hungry after having my Appl-icious loaf ( so I had another Quest bar. By the time it came for my last meal I knew I would have a few extra calories since my hunger was stronger than usual at that time of day. So, I threw in some more carbs along with my crustless pumpkin pie ( and peanut butter.

That’s how this type of eating style was intended to work. But, people like to find easy ways to do things and so, came this revised or ‘EWYW’ (Eat whatever You Want) way if you can maintain your weight. For some it may work, but to get lean enough to be stage or photo shoot ready, I’m sorry but you’ll have to suffer like the rest of us and get used to the chicken and vegetables. 😉

I hope this clears things up for those of you who weren’t sure what IIFYM was all about and didn’t offend any who swear by it. I just see the lifestyle of training hard in the gym and eating well (90/10 way) the way to go for getting the best results and just living the fit life.


It becomes a contradiction if you’re lifting hard in the gym, doing your cardio, and then having ice cream post workout because you saved your fat and carb calories for that one ‘treat’.

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