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  • Sadie, no more ‘skinny fat’
    Sadie was already small to begin with, but transformed her body to be leaner, stronger, and overall healthier. She lost over 8 lbs of fat and gained 3+ lbs of muscle in just 10 short weeks. With an average loss of just over an inch each week (which is healthy and sustainable versus too much too soon -> can lead to muscle loss). She went from fearing the weights to always wanting to lift more; her 1 RM (rep max) on deadlifts is 1.7x her bodyweight. That’s pretty amazing considering she weighs only 107 lbs. From Sadie: After years of competing in a competitive sport I decided to take a break. That “break” turned into a full time retirement from the sport I once loved. After seeing what my body looked like a few years after and realizing my 30th birthday was approaching, I started going to the gym. Like most women I only did cardio and a few machines. I didn’t want to lift ANY weights for fear of “getting too big” and looking “manly”. Within minutes of meeting Sanja, my boyfriend and I knew she would be the right personal trainer for us. I explained to Sanja that for many years I had seen what my body looked like and I knew what it was capable of doing. But since getting “older” it wasn’t as easy as it used to be. I explained to her that I had now become “skinny fat”. I wasn’t happy knowing I had let my body get that way. As I started my first work out with Sanja I became impressed with her wealth of knowledge, and her deep passion for the fitness industry. Most importantly she doesn’t sugar coat anything. She is always pushing me beyond what I thought my limits are. Several times I got discouraged and Sanja was always there to reassure me that my body was changing and to keep going! Finally, Sanja took my weight and measurements. But after seeing my pictures of week 1 and week 10 I was in complete shock. It was crazy to think that my body could change that much in only 10 weeks. All my hard work had finally paid off. But of course me being competitive with myself I looked at those pictures and said “bring on another 10 weeks!” I am excited to continue my journey with Sanja. I no longer crave muffins, bagels or Starbucks Lattes but rather fruit, chicken and One Bars. I can confidently walk into any gym and lift heavy weights…the right way! All of this is thanks to Sanja! I can’t thank her enough for everything she has done for my boyfriend and me. I am no longer “skinny fat”. It isn’t always easy but once you see the end game it’s definitely worth it! Thank you Sanja and Kurtis.
  • Leanne, lighter now than 20 years ago!
    Leanne has gotten amazing results by just training with me twice/week and following a food plan catered to her likes and goals. She lost over 25 lbs and 24 inches in just over 3 months. From Leanne: It has been a very long time since I have been this slim. I spent a lot of years working out with minimal results. I saw other women at the gym with strong firm bodies and never thought I could achieve that look. In fact I truly believed that my body composition had a higher amount of fat on it than the average person. I took up running and although it help shed a couple pounds and made me more energized, my body shape stayed relatively the same. Then I gained that weight I lost back and I blamed it on menopause. My body is what it is. I am destined to be the size I am. A friend of mine started training with Sanja and following a nutrition plan Sanja designed for him. A miraculous change occurred. I had to try it out. I started training with Sanja; I followed a nutrition plan Sanja designed for me; the weight started to fall off. The cellulite in my legs started to disappear and my belly began to flatten. I feel great, I'm energized and best of all is that the meal plan is super easy to follow. I work out with Sanja twice a week and I continue to run but now I find running much easier with less weight.
  • Tara, in the best shape ever
    Tara went from working out to lose weight and inches, to teaching fitness classes and competing in bikini competitions. She now has a passion for fitness and inspires others through her story. From Tara: I never really thought this day would come because I had been convincing myself for so long that I couldn’t do anymore than I was already doing. I would go to the gym “fairly” regularly, eat “fairly” well and was living a “fairly” healthy lifestyle. And that is where I stayed for years…in a “fair” place that prevented me from pushing myself forward. The biggest thing stopping me was me…that I didn’t believe in myself enough to change. Every summer would come and go and I would get that dreaded feeling of “ugghh, I have to wear summer clothes”!  I would then start the process of getting creative with how I could cover the parts of myself I didn’t like, without dying of heat stroke! Inevitably I would feel bad about myself and then stew in that feeling rather than doing something about it. This year something clicked and I decided that I didn’t want to live like that anymore. The education part of this process has been huge – learning about all the mistakes I was making when it came to eating and how many misconceptions I had about food and my body. Becoming aware of portion control and committing myself to clean eating has been such a wonderful revelation. I used to think I would cave because I would tire of “healthy foods” and give into my cravings, but once I committed to making this lifestyle permanent, those fears went away as my focus has completely shifted to maintaining the “new me”! My whole mentality around food has transformed… I love all the new recipes I am finding that are super healthy and great tasting – who knew?! I think the most important part of this process has been how much I have learned about determination and belief in self. There is no way I could have come to where I have without the help and support of Sanja. There have been SO many times she has placed weights in front of me and I have said “you expect me to lift that?!” Never in a million years would I have thought I could achieve what I have thus far…not only the results I have seen physically but the mindset I now have about myself and what I’m capable of.      
  • Kent, -60 lbs in 5 months
    Kent has come a long way in terms of living the fit life. He lost +60 lbs, and over 23 inches. He has more energy and drive to do more, and be more. And he's starting to get some ab definition; something he thought he'd never see, especially at age 55! In Kent's words, " I have had various different injuries over the years from adventures that have gone awry, a metal elbow an artificial knee. Have broken my neck and some vertebrae as well as my limbs." He was living "in constant aches and pain.... Dining out twice daily, working excessively, and not paying much attention to myself. I just assumed I would live like this and manage through, as this is what happens to people who have lived through trauma. Late last fall I had a relatively bad auto accident. Broken ribs bruised ankle and a good old smack to the head with a massive concussion . I then started adding weight to my already overweight frame. I hit a high of approximately 260 lbs. Trying to get back to some of my sports I started to try to lose weight. Not getting the results I wanted I felt like giving up and start to live like the rest of my peers. I thought this with dread, so back to the gym. After minimal results I reached out to Sanja and Kurtis. A few months later I was down about 60 lbs. Big problems arose, as I now have to get new clothes. Pains in my body are now from working out. Heartburn has ended with weight loss. And I look and feel much better.
  • Wendy, at her best at age 50!
    Wendy is proof that if you put your mind to something, you can make it happen! From Wendy: For me this has been a life changing experience. I know a woman is never supposed to admit her age but I turned 50 this year and I was actually pretty depressed about it. So I made up my mind that I cannot change my age but if I have to be 50 I will be fit and 50. So my journey began. A friend of mine referred me to Sanja and after our first consolation I decided to do the 10 week challenge. I am a child of the 80's so I have done many of the fad diets and work out plans in my lifetime. So when I came to Sanja I desperately needed to not only need the work out side but needed to learn how to eat healthy. As my weight fluctuated and I got discouraged she just encouraged me to follow the plan and let it work for my body, and it did. Not only has body shape changed my weight has gone down as well. It also has been fun to see how much your body can lift, pull and push when you work it beyond what we think it's limits are. But I think the greatest gift this has given me is self-image, to be able to look in the mirror and love what I see. Sanja and Body in Fushion have given me the greatest gift of all, self-confidence. Also I have met some great friends, friendships that I hope will last forever. I am so excited to see what the future holds as we continue to work hard in 2017. Thanks again Sanja and Body in Fushion.
  • Jessica, down 6 dress sizes!
    Jessica lost so much weight, that her seamstress couldn't take it in anymore! Her wedding dress was a size 20, and ended up being a size 8 for the big day. If you want it bad enough, you CAN make it happen. In Jessica's words: I hope that everyone who reads this testimonial can be inspired, can know it’s possible, and can change their life. After all, I did! How? I never let any excuse be stronger than my desire for success and I believed in myself. That mentality came from my mentor, Sanja. I’ve lost 92 lbs to date,..but it started off slow..success was minimal. I thought about it long and hard, and realized I was afraid of failing. What if I tried my hardest and didn’t succeed? Then I would be out of options...hopeless. Any of you, ever felt this? I promise you don’t have to! Be honest with yourself, be honest with her and I promise you can do anything! I’m in the best shape of my life, it can only get better from here. I can’t wait to see where I can take this, with the help of Sanja of course!
  • Chris, a better surfer
    Chris has come a long way in terms of keeping fit and staying on track. He competed in our 10 Week Fitness Challenge and won twice, showing that hard work (and competition) pays off! From Chris: I came in more out of shape than in the past, and had to really commit to the diet and program 7 days a week. I gained strength throughout the challenge and had some PBs in dead lifts, one arm rows and bench press. I gained muscle while losing a significant amount of weight and inches around the waist. We developed a plan, worked hard, and stuck to it. I feel much stronger and have better cardio. And I'm ready for my surf trip and ski season. The goal is to maintain, or suffer this pain! Thanks Kurtis.
  • Jackie has lost over 20 lbs and the same amount of inches in the 10 Week Body Transformation Challenge she recently did. Not only that, but she looks 10 years younger. In her own words,
    "I have been in and out of the gyms yoga classes various hiit training programs before working with Sanja and Curtis. Past trainers never really gave me the attention to detail or care that these folks do. I feel valued and that they are truly invested in getting me to achieve my goals. Each week I feel stronger and continually challenged. The food monitoring and programming that Sanja puts together is truly individualized and freaking works!! I've not been this weight since before I had kids.. and not ready to slow down! Body In Fushion rocks!!"
    Jackie, lighter than she’s been before having kids!

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