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If you’re local in Edmonton & area:

Our personal training gym is targeted towards men and women (in their 20s -60s) who are serious about their health and fitness. We are not a public gym. It’s a boutique style gym with just two trainers working in the space. Clients have full access to all equipment and get privacy while exercising. In the warmer months, we have the bay door open and implement outdoor training as well.

Our primary objective is to get people stronger as they reach their fitness goals. Most people work in a group setting (2-4 people), but the option of one-on-one training is always available. The workouts are always planned and not the same; variety is key and exercise selection varies based on the client’s needs and goals.

The group component is highly liked because of the motivational component it brings (and cost saving), but still individualized attention based on his or her needs.

We also deal with people with pre-existing injuries or pains. Corrective exercises and stretches are incorporated into the workouts, if required. Though we primarily work with your average person looking to lose weight and function better, we train everyone to move like an athlete. Strength, power, agility, speed, and conditioning aspects are all touched on to reach your goals and function at your best.

Sanja’s Hybridized Online Program

This is an online program that covers everything. Whether you are new to the gym or have been training for some time, every detail is covered. Meant for the self-motivated gym-goer who wants to get steady results with a Virtual Trainer versus in person. For a low monthly fee ($197 plus 5% tax), you get a:

  • Workout program, a 3 day split routine, (a new one every 4 weeks) with videos attached to every exercise
  • Flexible eating plan tailored to your fitness goals (includes a weekly cheat meal; guilt-free!)
  • Cardio Program that will vary as you get further into the Program
  • Recommended Vitamins/Supplements Protocol to maximize your fat loss
  • Unlimited questions, use my expertise if you’re unsure of something
  • Weekly email check-ins with your weight, numbers, and pictures. Changes are made if you’re not dropping weight and/or inches
  • No plateaus on this plan, expect to lose 1-2 pounds and/or inches every week
  • New food ideas/recipes to try out – subscribe to my monthly newsletter to get the latest updates
  • Tips if you need help with food prep, being time-efficient in the kitchen or with your workouts
  • Phone calls if you’re in a rut, hit a plateau, or just need a pep talk.

If you’re ready for the transformation of your life, then contact us to get started today.

Strong is the New Sexy

Are you ready to look and feel your sexiest?

Have you been working out on your own, but aren’t seeing the results you want?

If so, then this is a program You Want to Be a Part Of.

Get Strong N Sexy in 6 – An Online Program for the Dedicated Gym Gal

This is an online program targeted for women who already workout and are self-motivated, but not seeing the results they deserve. Its quite intense and requires commitment in both the kitchen and on the gym floor. But, you will see big changes in your body in just 6 short weeks.

You can register for this program at anytime. Contact me to sign up.

What does it include?

  • A 2 Phase Training Program (Weeks 1-3, and Weeks 4-6) that includes Demonstration Videos attached to all Exercises.
  • A Food plan with Variety to keep you motivated
  • Changes in the Diet to ensure there are NO plateaus
  • A Pre-Set Cardio Program to follow throughout the 6 weeks (intensity, duration, intervals will change so you’re not doing the same cardio workouts day in / day out)
  • Weekly Cardio Challenges to keep the Program exciting and Challenging
  • Every two weeks, a Check in via Email (Every two weeks, you send me your Measurements, Weight, Pictures)


You Can Guarantee at Least 1-2 Dress Sizes Down.  The More Closely you Follow the Diet, Workout & Cardio Programs, the Better your Results.

This entire 6-week program is just $289 and you Get all the Resources You Need, based on My +23 Years of Experience.

If you bring a friend, you pay just $199 for the Program. Better yet, bring two friends and get 50% OFF.

Sign-up now or find out more by emailing me at

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