A 60 minute information session all about training the glutes and getting them to grow. If you struggle with feeling the glutes when you work out, then this is a must. Learn 20+ exercises on how to isolate every angle of your glutes and build them to be round, shapely, and strong. If you have lower back pain, stronger glutes can eliminate that! If you have sciatica (shooting pains down the leg), stronger glutes can erase that too!

Strong Glutes = Strong Foundation. To work out and never fully engage this muscle (the largest one in your body) you’re missing out on your full physique potential.

And you can go home with a training tool to use and practice the new exercises you learn!

To register, please share this blog and email us at bodyinfushion@gmail.com to save your spot. There’s only a limited number available, so please register soon!

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