David, an army veteran, came to us after years of being in pain and finally fed up with struggling to do the daily tasks most of us take for granted. He had to take breaks while washing dishes because he couldn’t stand for that long, relied on a cane to walk, had chronic shoulder and lower back pain, never shovelled his walks because he couldn’t; he’s owned the house for 5 years. He was wrought with injuries that stemmed from falling out of a helicopter and a major car accident; breaking over 100 bones.

When he was assessed at physiotherapy, some of the things stated were: limitations to never lift anything from floor to waist. He now deadlifts 195 pounds for three solid reps.
When he started he wasn’t able to lift more than his arms overhead for shoulder press due to fatigue, now he can shoulder press 50 pounds 3x, his back was a concern: he had chronic pain in the lower back, primarily the right side. As shown in the picture, he can row 225 pounds. Equivalent to his bodyweight.
And he’s not done yet, he continues to get stronger and healthier. He no longer needs to use his cane to walk, he has the energy to shovel the sidewalks, he can play with his kids, and he can walk his dogs without wearing his heavy duty knee brace. He was also pre-diabetic with his numbers as high as in the low 20s. He now maintains a blood sugar range of more than half that. The list goes on… And on. He is an inspiration to many who think they have to live with the pain. With the right exercise protocol along with good nutrition, we can all achieve amazing things!

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