This may sound odd at first read, but if you do something you’re really bad at, your body has to work really hard to perform the exercise and get good at it. Thus, you end up recruiting more muscle fibres (you may not normally use or not in that manner), working the central nervous system to figure out the exercise itself, and burn more calories by repetitively doing the said exercise.
For instance, if you’re really good at doing push ups, then the muscles are already strong and adapted to the work. However, if you try doing one armed pushups or clapping pushups from a decline (feet on bench), that gets really hard fast. Next time you work out, try something different either at the start or end of your workout. You’ll start to see minor changes in your physique if you’re consistent with this. After a few weeks, you’ll notice not only are you a bit stronger and better conditioned, but also leaner and that much closer to seeing some solid abs.

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