The simple answer is no.  The most important component in fat loss, improving performance (in most sports, including running), boosting overall health, and reshaping your physique is weight training. If you love to run that’s great, but to improve general health and prevent injuries, resistance training is a must. Here’s just a few things that you will see once you incorporate a sound training program into your running routine:


  • strengthen joints & bone health✓
  • injury- & ache-free ✓
  • build muscle ✓
  • improved running time & performance ✓
  • less body fat ✓
  • more energy ✓
  • improved back health (via core training) ✓
  • better body composition / less body fat ✓
  • improved posture ✓


Most people (though they may not know it) have muscle imbalances. It happens, unless you have OCD (Obsessive Compulsive disorder) and use your right side equally as your left (ie. carry groceries in both hands all the time, switch sides when shoveling the walks, etc) you have some muscle imbalances. And the body is excellent at adapting to conditions when things don’t feel right. So, you go for a run and if you have weak glutes (butt muscles) which most people do (from sitting at work all day or just not exercising) you may end up compensating by over loading the knees with more work than they can handle. This will eventually create knee problems which can, in turn, lead to ankle problems and potentially more. Or if you don’t do any strength training to build the necessary strength in your legs your running gait can be skewed and cause pain and injury. In fact, according to the American Academy of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation roughly 70% of runners will get an injury sometime during their running career.


It’s actually quite rare to hear that a runner is injury or pain free. Unless they are incorporating the right strength training and stretching program that can help prevent aches and pains there’s usually something that hurts. With the most common problems being: runner’s knee, hip pain, achilles tendinitis, plantar fasciatis, IT band syndrome, wouldn’t you want to avoid these debilitating pains? If you currently have any of these then get started with a good program or see a certified trainer. You can run pain-free. And if you’re one of the few with no aches and pains (yet), then get started lifting some weights to improve your speed, time, and overall physique.





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