Three times per year (January, Fall, and Winter) we run a 8 Week Body Transformation Challenge which is a contest of who can transform their body the most in the 2 months. This is great for anyone who wants to make some major changes to their body and lifestyle and loves to compete & challenge themselves. Whether you want to gain size /muscle, or lose fat and get leaner, this program will help!  The winner is based on the biggest changes from their Before & After pictures.

The person with the biggest transformation wins either a $400 shopping spree at a shopping centre OR credit towards more personal training.

What does it entail?

  • Before and After pictures are taken, measurements (at the start and end of the challenge), and weekly weigh-ins are done and posted publicly on the gym wall
  • Personal training a minimum of 3x/week (option of coming more than that is always open to those who want more out of the challenge)
  • A food plan is included which covers weekly email check-ins, changes to the food plan if pounds and/or inches are not dropping fast enough (you pick the foods to eat, and you get a weekly cheat meal/drink/dessert, guilt-free)
  • Vitamin/Supplement regimen is recommended to maximize your efforts
  • Cardio program is recommended and altered as we go further into the contest.
  • A written testimonial at the end of the challenge (1-3 paragraphs) discussing your journey, how the challenge has helped you (sample testimonials are on the site, click here to read some)

This is great for anyone who is competitive and likes a timeline and challenge to follow.

To find out more information, please send us an email at: