Are you one of those people who does everything right 90% of the time? What I’m referring to is when you start your day on the right track, and it looks something like this:

Get your high protein breakfast in ✅
Pack your meals for the workday✅
Hit the gym and push it hard✅
Include your cardio afterwards✅

But then, sometime during the day or in the evening, you get home and end up sabotaging all that hard work. It could be having a second plate during dinner, or snacking on the wrong foods later in the evening (ie, nuts, fruits, chips, etc), or eating the wrong things right before bed.

Some people may think the little bump they make is so minor, it’s not really affecting their fitness goals. But I can guarantee you that it is. Say you’re having a handful of nuts before dinner each evening, you could easily be consuming an additional 1200 calories plus throughout the week. That’s a lot of extra calories that will go straight to your hips for the women and belly for the men.

I’ve been guilty of it myself. I, like most women, love peanut butter. And while I’m prepping for a figure competition, I don’t touch it at all (unless it’s part of my plan). But off season, I’ll easily have a tablespoon (or 3 if we’re actually measuring) in the evening with my protein bars. I know I know better, but it happens. After all, we’re human and can’t always be so regimented. But, it’s not helping with my off season goals, so I’ve made changes to avoid peanut butter altogether unless it’s part of my weekly cheat meal. And that is the only time I can touch it. It’s pretty hardcore, but if you want to reach specific goals, sometimes you have to be strict and do some hardcore things to get there.
time for change
I hope this ‘clicks’ for some of you who are frustrated and not seeing the results they want. Take a look and even write down what you’re doing in the gym and food-wise (include beverages too) throughout the day. I bet you would find at least a couple of things you can improve upon to stop sabotaging your fat loss efforts.

In fact, to those of you who are truly committed and determined, please email me your diet and gym plan (please be specific), and I’ll happily give you some free advice on ways to improve it. Even share this article with a friend. The more people I can reach, the more I can help. How does that saying go, “sharing is caring” 😉

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