We all know the benefits of weight training, especially when we lift heavy and create the stress response. It’s when we lift that the hormones which elicit growth (namely, testosterone and growth hormone)  are at their highest. A way to piggyback on this surplus is to finish your workouts with a few sets hitting the muscle that you want to build.

Say you want to further develop your shoulders, then you can throw them in a couple of times/week in addition to your weekly shoulder workout. For instance, at the end of your workout (let’s say you train legs), you hit the shoulder press machine for a few sets of 8-12; finishing with a drop set of 50. You can apply this principle to more than one muscle group, but you don’t want to extend your workout much longer than it already is.

If there’s a couple of muscles you want to force grow quicker, then you can alternate one day targeting the shoulders and the next day targeting another stubborn muscle. It doesn’t take much time to add these, just hard effort when you’re already fatigued from your workout.


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