I’ve been dieting and training for this upcoming competition for over 14 weeks and now that the end is near, things start to get exciting! For a few reasons. The most important being that I can finally display all of my hard work and commitment on stage for my friends and family to see. I think this year has been my best prep ever. Diet-wise, I didn’t have too many crazy craving moments where I wanted to get out of bed at 3 in the morning to sneak out for some cookies! I think my supplement regimen helped huge in that regard along with the food pairings I had. Training-wise, my husband who also happens to be a personal trainer (one of the best around, and I’m not just saying that) has planned my training program for about 90% of my prep. It’s great. He jots the plan on the notepad and I follow it through to the end. Whether it takes me an hour or nearly 2 and I’m running on fumes, I do it. Its written down and it holds me accountable. I can’t avoid exercises and I can’t cheat. We all like to do exercises we’re good at and enjoy, unfortunately, what we’re good at isn’t always not what would benefit us most. Whether it was higher reps and lighter weight for some body parts, or density training for others, I just embraced it and pushed even harder!

It’s in these last weeks that the energy is starting to dwindle; less body fat to function, less carbs for fuel, and less time in the day to rest. But that’s par for the course. Now its crunch time!  If I’m not eating, I’m training or doing cardio or tanning or stretching and posing. Here is when the mindset becomes stronger where if you feel you can get that extra rep in or hit that cardio a little harder, then you do it! After all those weeks, what’s a few more days if it means walking on stage in the best condition ever? This will be my 6th show and I think each year I come in better than the last. I can’t wait to see how my physique has changed over the last few months.


I’m also looking forward to performing in this new organization, the WBFF (World Beauty, Fitness & Fashion). Its different than what I’ve done before but I’m excited.  The production is supposed to be the best in the industry, there’s some great competition to go up against, and there is definitely more freedom with posing and costumes. I’m not sure where this will take me, if its the right fit for me but I’m going to have a blast competing and see what happens next.

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