I want to share my top 4 biohacks to fight off cravings. It seems like now people are finding it harder to follow their food plan or even start one because of being home all the time. After all it can get pretty boring

And when you’re watching shows it’s easy to want to grab some or chips to snack on. The tips I’m going to offer below are above and beyond the usual basics a person should already be implementing: eat more vegetables, make sure your protein intake is adequate (which aids satiety), consume enough calories in the day so your body doesn’t think you’re in starvation mode, hence the cravings, and have a strategy for coping with stress. If we don’t manage our stress correctly, that too can lead to cravings.

Here are my top tips to stave off cravings:

1) Add glutamine in a drink of Crystal light or Mio, or even in a protein shake. Glutamine is known to reduce cravings, a heaping tablespoon should suffice

2) Take 2 g of gymnestre Sylvestre, comes in powder or pill form. It’s a strong appetite suppressant

3) Eat more salt. Often times if the adrenal glands are overworked (which makes sense right now with this pandemic), they become fatigued and rely on salt to maintain optimal adrenal health. When people crave carbs it’s usually because the body is trying to reduce the cortisol in their blood and you can’t have both cortisol and glucose elevated at the same time in your bloodstream. 

4) Take 5 g of glycine, an amino acid that has a slightly sweet flavour; and a precursor to serotonin, the feel good chemical. Serotonin is dominant when having chocolate, being out in the sun, during intimacy, etc 

These are simple ways to avoid making the wrong type of gains during these crazy, stressful times. 

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