Nicole is in the spotlight this month because of her commitment to living the fit life and sticking to the program just as fully as when she was competing in our 10 Week Body Transformation Challenge (which she won :))

She came to us to lose weight and look great for her upcoming wedding in September. I don’t think she realized it would become a new lifestyle where her daily snacking of cheese would go out the window and be happily limited to once/week; she would sign up to run a marathon with her super fit soon to be mother-in-law, and that she would inspire her fiancé to start eating better and working out with her.

Not only has she lost well over what she expected, but she’s gotten stronger than she thought possible. In just a couple of months she was able to do 3 chins up in perfect form, a goal she’s always had.

We encourage living a fit life where you don’t just come here to go on a diet to lose weight. You learn about nutrition, find balance in eating well but still enjoying the tastier and sinful foods /drinks we enjoy, get stronger and more functional. She finished the Winter Challenge in mid-April and is still looking better and dropping inches every week.

Nicole started at 165 lbs and is now hovering at 140lbs, losing 20 inches and feeling more confident than ever!

In Nicole’s own words: “Joining a new gym and personal trainer can be intimidating but Sanja (and Kurtis) are such positive and encouraging people that they make going to the gym fun and stress free.

I really enjoy the atmosphere of the entire gym and look forward to my workouts. I had always heard how important diet was to be healthy but never really believed it. Sanja has taught me so much about what the proper food/diet can do and the importance of a well balanced diet in being the healthiest you possible.

I really like that she pushes you to your capabilities and is really dedicated to each of the people she works with. You can see her passion, knowledge and dedication in her work and is so approachable if you ever have questions.

Since starting… I have lost more weight than I ever thought possible, I have gained so much strength in the shoulder (and everywhere else) that I had injured, I am lifting heavier than I ever thought possible, and am more confident! I feel great and am so happy with the results I have been seeing and can’t wait to see more!”

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