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The Lean Eater's Cookbook
This book is a long-time vision that took years to create. For more than 15 years, I’ve been dedicated to following a fit and healthy lifestyle. From that dedication, I’ve grown a foundation of simple recipes that help strip body fat yet let you enjoy food.
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Sanja Malesevich
Personal Trainer
I’m a transformation addict, turned myself from a pear-shaped shy girl to a pro figure model whose motto is ‘Strong is the New Sexy’. I love working with people to transform their bodies & minds to be healthier, happier, and of course, fitter! I work with the average person whose looking to lose the extra pounds, get stronger, and overall just healthier.
I work with all fitness levels, and the age ranges from our youngest 8 year old to our oldest, 67 year old client.
In addition I diet and train bikini and fitness athletes; whether they’re stepping on stage for the first time or seasoned athletes. I have a Bachelors of Science degree and use my science nerdiness to apply the necessary training and/or nutrition changes to lose the fat and inches.
I have an Exclusive Online Program that gives you everything you need (food and training programs), Sanja’s Hybridized Fat Loss Program. Please contact me if you’re ready to sign up and transform your body!

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Kurtis Bills
Personal Trainer

Certified Personal Trainer, National Level Bodybuilder, Strength and Conditioning Coach, Co-Owner.

I truly believe the human body is capable of the most extraordinary things. It is the only “machine” in existence where, the harder you work it (provided you get optimal training, nutrition, and rest), the better it runs.

It is my job as a personal trainer to ensure that my clients fulfill their potential and realize their fitness goals. I am passionate about training  and my enthusiasm and experience will guide you on your fitness journey.

Be prepared to work hard and have fun in a positive, stress-free environment that is “Body In Fushion.”